Here you will find a wealth of resources to help you build your game. For very basic games you might not any of this information - but please search through and see what might help you make your game even more compelling.


Spend 20 minutes with Warren going through the A-Z on building and running your game in the Social Scavenger platform.

3 Minutes or Less:
A super quick overview for people with zero attention spans.

How To Guide PDF:

Like reading vs. watching?
This PDF walks through all of main features of the Social Scavenger Platform.


Here are tips, tricks and how tos on everything from setting GPS unlocks to building Stickers for your games.

A Quick Way to Offer Great Team Building Games at your Destination

Description: Many destinations offer a myriad of team building activities and are often looking for new innovative ideas. Here is a 5 minute walk through of how to easily run Scavenger Hunts, Amazing Races or any type of mobile adventure game at your destination. Perfect add on for teams visiting and easily customized by you.

How Beacons work in a Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race

Description: Want to add the next layer of tech to your Scavenger Hunts, Amazing Races or any indoor game - let’s add some beacons. Social Scavenger platform now supports beacons out of the box and this quick video shows you an overview of how that works.

How you can use Stickers in your next Scavenger Hunt

Description: Letting friends and co-workers grow afros, get eaten by dinosaurs or even punched in the face used to just be a dream. With Social Scavenger you can build that reality into your Scavenger Hunt - no problem. Stickers are supported out of the box. You can even ‘lock’ stickers to other challenges forcing players to earn the right to get punched in the face by tracking down a QR code, answering a trivia question or anything you want. Take a quick look at how that works.

Advanced Settings in Social Scavenger

Description: The settings page has a lot of options - and 95% of people only need the first 4. If you are part of the 5% or want to undersand how the rest work, this 10 minute video will give you a more in depth spin through the settings section en route to more advanced games. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way, but sometimes, you need to make your own rules. Have fun on your Scavenger Hunt - that’s the main goal.

How to Moderate Content in your Scavenger Hunt

Description: Originally built for brands and agencies the pro moderation tools of Social Scavenger are available for anyone building and running a Scavenger Hunt, Amazing Race or other type of game. Games are often private so don’t need much moderation but the tools are always here at your disposal so here’s a 5 minute overview on the different ways you can set them up and use them.

How to quickly clone a Scavenger Hunt

Description: Want a quick way to rebuild your Amazing Race or Genius Scavenger Hunt? So does most everybody. Team Builders, Destinations, Orientiation around Campus, City Games etc. Nobody wants to recreate the wheel which is why we have a little button called ‘clone’. This video shows you how to set up your template and then easily clone it going forward to save you loads of time on admin, and get down to focussing on the Best Darn Scavenger Hunt you can dream up.

Mobile Web Based Scavenger Hunt

Description: Tired of only being able to play Scavenger Hunts on fancy iPhones and Android devices!? Well good news - Social Scavenger is now available for mobile and web. Festivals, Events, Global Contests...the world is really your oyster now. Go ahead and check it out - this video just shows you a few of the tiny differences between the native and mobile version. There are a few limitations with Beacons, QR Codes - and of course you have to be online - but you can still rock an amazing game. Keep fit and have fun.

Social Scavenger in 2.5 Minutes

Description: An amazing mobile engagement platform, Social Scavenger. Challenge your fans, family, and friends in a fully branded mobile adventure. With 6 activating challenges to choose from, an array of customization tools, and available to play on any mobile or web platform, you are in control of your own mobile scavenger hunt.

Location-Based Challenges on Social Scavenger

Description: Planning on having your scavenger hunt in one area? We have features for that. In this video, we go over the challenges and options you have when it comes to location-intensive games.

How to: Add Reviewers to the Settings Page

Description: Adding Reviewers to your scavenger hunt is as easy as can be. Just don't forget to leave out the spaces in between emails.

How to: Lock Challenges on Social Scavenger

Description: Were you aware that you can lock challenges? You have 3 different ways to lock your challenges: other challenges, location and beacons. Get familiar through this video.

The Live Stream on Social Scavenger

Description: The Live Stream is the central newsfeed of all the submitted photos, videos, and answers from your scavenger hunt. The Live Stream can be accessed not only just on the app, but through the microsite and now on any device through the mobile/web version ( Get out there and have fun.

How to: Hide Player Location Under the Settings Page

Description: Typically the app will track the whereabouts of your players using GPS, but let's say you wanted to keep the location of your players private. We show you in this brief video how you can turn this setting of.

How to: Upload a Game Image on Social Scavenger

Description: Uploading game images have just a few specifications. But don't worry, we'll go through all that in this video. This is the image your players will see when they open up your scavenger hunt in the app- so better make it a good one.

How to: Lock Challenges to other Challenges

Description: Did you know you can set a Challenge so that it's available to play, once you complete a prerequisite Challenge? One of the perks of Social Scavenger. Here we show you how you can set challenges, and how to unlock Challenges.

The Point System on Social Scavenger

Description: A video on the Point System on Social Scavenger, and a quick breakdown of how scoring and awarding points works.

How-to: Change The Order of Challenges and Delete Challenges

Description:As moderator, you have the power to switch up the order of Challenges played in your scavenger hunt app. Not pleased with a particular Challenge, in this video we show you how you can delete Challenges as well.

How to: Use Widgets from Social Scavenger

Description: Promote your game from just about anywhere. Using the helpful HTML Widget in your game builder, you can post your Live Stream or Leaderboard to websites, blogs, social media, and more. Questions?

How to: Export Content on Social Scavenger

Description:Did you know the fun doesn't have to end after your scavenger hunt is over? That little button "Export" under your Game Builder actually takes all the content from your game, allowing you to continue the fun. We show you here how you can get that content, and all the ways you can distribute it.

How to: Create a QR Code based challenge

Description: Gone are the days where QR Codes were deemed useless and lame. Who knew they'd be perfect for Scavenger Hunt Challenges? Here we show you how you can create your own QR Code Challenge, and what you can do with it.

How to: Add new teams and ban (bad) teams on Social Scavenger

Description:Stumped on how you can add new players to your game? Check out this video where we show you how you can add and ban teams, as well as assigning admins to your game.

How to: Send out Push Notifications and Email Blasts

Description: Let's say you wanting to switch things up in your scavenger hunt, or you wanted to drop in sweet helpful hints during your game- well messaging them individually sounds like a pain in the butt, huh? This video will show you how you can send your players a mass notification in the app, or through email. Easy peasy.

How to: Create a video challenge

Description: One of the most fun challenges to watch after your scavenger hunt concludes: the Video Challenge. Watch it live now to see how the Video Challenge works on the Social Scavenger app.

How to: Approve Content on Microsite and Award Bonus Points

Description: A short and sweet recap of how to approve content on your Live Stream using the microsite, and then awarding that sweet submission extra bonus points as the moderator.

How to: Create a Sticker (Challenge) for use in Social Scavenger

Description: Photoshop not your strongest suit? Have no fear, Social Scavenger's quick Photoshop tip is here. A short rundown of how to create your own Stickers to add to your sticker challenges. If you give up we offer free stickers on our blog and can build custom ones if you get in touch.

Game Challenge Settings on Social Scavenger

Description: With 6 unique challenge types to choose from, creating your game is only half the fun. Here we give you a little preview of each challenge: Photo, Video, Text, Trivia, Sticker and QR Code.

Awarding Points and Bonus Points

Description: A basic breakdown of how to set up your point system when creating your awesome challenges. We also share with you how to award bonus points in the Live Stream for those submissions that were extra awesome.

Using Beacons in Social Scavenger

Description: Now introducing Beacons on Social Scavenger. Enhance your user experience with the power of proximity and engagement.

Social Scavenger 2014 Recap

Description: Here's to a fantastic 2014 year! We've captured the best user generated content of our Social Scavengers participating in their most thrilling games this year. This year we're offering a premium video automation service, so your brand can own a customized video, just like this one. An all-in-one video option to recap the best of the best from your mobile scavenger hunt. Easy and shareable material for you to promote, circulate and share with the community.

Ultimate Chugging Challenge: Social Scavenger

Description: User Generated Content from our Social Scavengers. Each of these brave players chugged a beverage as fast as they could to fulfill the mobile challenge in their scavenger game. These are the hilarious videos of their success, and their-ahem-attempts.

Thanksgiving Edition

Description: The solution to the havoc in your home every Thanksgiving season. An organized, engaging, and fun opportunity for everyone in your bond while the turkey's in the oven.

Holiday Office Party Planning: Team Building Ideas and Activities

Description: Make this year's holiday party at the office a memorable one. From activities to sharing photos, Social Scavenger is the app for you.

Serenades, Smooches, and Photo Bombs

Description: Love is in the air, and our Scavengers are sinfully seeking to serenade strangers.

Social Scavenger User Talent

Description: Check out our talented Social Scavenger players. Create a scavenger adventure that showcases your players talent.

Fun User Generated Photos

Description: If you're interested in getting your own scavenger adventure started, complete with all the feature fixings, contact us at

Scavenger Hunt Halloween Costume Ideas

Description: Spoooooky and creative costumes of some Social Scavengers this Halloween. This user generated content video features some of the best and unique costume ideas we've seen using our scavenger photo feature.

User Generated Happy Birthdays

Description: Wishing you a happy birthday, from all the users of Social Scavenger. Unique mobile challenges for team bonding, branding or just having a grande ole time through a series of challenges. Here we feature a birthday compilation of some players celebrating birthdays using the Social Scavenger app.

Team Building Photos

Description: Just like back in grade school, gather your teammates and snap a wicked team photo. This week we're featuring some of the most memorable team photos in our app.

Uplifting High-Ten Scavenger Challenges

Description: Just some wicked cool Social Scavengers filming themselves giving high fives to strangers and fellow teammates while completing in a mobile scavenger hunt. Make it a fun and memorable experience using our many different unique mobile challenges.

User Generated Video Content

Description: Create your own scavenger game using the Social Scavenger App. Challenge your friends, family, office and coworkers with through a customizable scavenger including photos, videos, trivia, augmented reality- and more.

Unlocking Clues in your Social Scavenger Hunt

Description: Building clues into your next mobile Scavenger Hunt is a snap. In this video we take a quick look at the overall user experience and an example of how to effectively use clues.

Adding Rewards and Coupons into your Scavenger Hunt

Description: Interested in rewarding players in your next mobile Scavenger Hunt? In this quick video we take a look at the user experience of rewarding players with a coupon style reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Scavenger now works with all devices. iPhone and Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets, Blackberry phones and tablet, Mac and Windows laptops and desktops. If you bought your phone or tablet in the past 3 years and update your software once in a while you should be good to get started. Download our native iPhone app via the App Store, or our native Android app via the Google Play store, or use the mobile version via your Web browser.

If you are building a game for less than 20 teams then you pay an upfront fee for every team that joins. You only need one device per team. If you are building for more than 20 teams get in touch at and check out

No, all charges are paid by the game creator/maker. You pay to open the game to a certain number of teams. If you pay for 10 teams and the 11th team tries to join, they will get a message stating that the game cannot accept any more players.

Not really. Just keep in mind that if you sign in with Facebook the first time, then with Twitter the next time, we’ll think you are two different people. So go for consistency.

You sure can. Our platform is built to run all kinds of challenge based games. The settings for both the game and the actual challenges give you a wide range of options to build different style adventures and games.

Best bet is to try our sample game and see for yourself! A simple example is you go to take a photo and an afro wig appears through your camera. You can move that wig and stick it on a friends head. When you take the photo - the result is your friend with an Afro. You can be as creative, educational or historical with this option.

When you create a challenge, one of the options is “Sticker Photo”. Once selected it will prompt you to upload your AR Sticker. This should be a transparent .png on a canvas size 645 x 860. If you have a featured or commercial game we can help out.

Yes. Once you download a game, all of the challenges are loaded onto your phone. If you are then, for example, in the subway underground and lose connectivity you’ll still have access to the challenges. They will get submitted to the stream once you reconnect to wifi or your network provider and re-open the app. The game creator has the option to enable or disable unlocking while you're offline - if things aren't unlocking, it's probably because the game maker wants to verify your submissions!

Your game will have an unlock code. If you try to access the live stream it will prompt you for that code. So no, people won’t see your live stream unless they have access to your game.

You use the game builder to create your game. The game builder has help embedded within in, look for the question marks beside each element of the form.

A clone is a copy of a game. If you have a game you like and want to create a new game, using it as the starting point, you can clone it and then start editing the challenges and settings. Clones are very popular with those who run many different games on different dates and don't want to start from scratch each time.

A widget allows you to embed something in another site. Leaderboards and game streams are the most popular things people want to embed in their own site.